OK, so I’ve tried to start a blog before and failed after a few weeks. The honest truth is there is a lot to learn as a developer and I’m only now at the point where I have enough knowledge (and time) to talk about what I’m getting up to.

From the word go I want to say that this blog isn’t going to be a masterpiece. I am be no means an expert in writing and don’t claim to be! Instead I’m going to chuck together quick updates talking about what I’m up to and cool things I’ve come across.

Anyway a quick background about me. I spent most of my teenage years in bands and love music so it was only logical that after my A-Levels I went to University and studied Audio Music Technology at Anglia Ruskin. Most of my time at University was spent in recording studios recording bands and then working through the night producing. Whilst there I took a module in computing and had to design a website. In a matter of days I was hooked!

A few years later I graduated and realised that I had spent three years learning (in great depth) a subject that I no longer had passion for. Despite this, feeling that I couldn’t go against my qualifications I went to work for a Music company in Suffolk thinking I could mess around with web development on the side but found myself hanging out with the web team whenever I could.

5 years later I finally decided to actively go job hunting for a job as a developer. I can assure you some of the early interviews were tough. One in particular I remember them leaving me in a room with a computer with the task of making a website from scratch using PHP, which connected to a database and pulled data using object orientated programming. After writing one line of code (the opening PHP tags) and spending 15 minutes working out how to explain to them I hadn’t a clue hung my head in shame and explained I couldn’t do it. Needless to say I didn’t get the job but it did give me a glimps into what companies really want from a developer.

Now I knew what was needed from me I then hit the books hard, REALLY HARD. Reading books over and over, scanning Youtube every night for tutorials and tips and offering my services for free to local companies for a chance to get inside knowledge. A couple of years later I finally decided I was ready to take on more interviews. This time I was properly prepared and after a few attempts was offered a job at a local company. I accepted and have been working there for the last 11 months.

Since becoming a developer I can honestly say I have learnt so much more then any book or video could teach me and now think I actually have something to offer to people who are in the same position as I was 6 years ago. All I can say is keep going! There’s a hell of a lot to learn and just when you think you’ve nailed it a small thing will come along that will change the way you do everything but if it’s what you want to do then it’s worth it. I remember talking to one of the marketing guys at the music company before I was a developer who said to me “Rob, I can’t offer you a job as a developer here, but if you want something that bad you will make it happen”……sooooo true!